What happy clients have to say

The following “reviews” and stories are shared with permission from past clients.  These comments are written in the client’s own words with some editing for sake of clarity or length.  Many thanks to those who shared these special memories with me.

Emily C., daughter born December,2011 After meeting a couple of other very nice and experienced potential doulas, we decided on Jenny Claire right after our first meeting. As a first time mom, I was not particularly good at doula shopping as I had a hard time with this abstract notion of me actually giving birth to a baby — How did I know what the experience was really going to be like, what I really wanted, or whether I would like this stranger when I was lost in laborland? What made me realize Jenny Claire was right for us, besides her knowledge, passion, (and) sense of humor, was that she was confident, organized, and down to business.

I had wanted a doula to help us know what was happening with labor, how to maximize laboring at home, know when to go to the hospital, etc. And then also to remember the labor positions and stuff that we had learned in birth class. But all of that went out the window since it happened so fast.

What I remember that (Jenny Claire) specifically did that was especially helpful: *Listened and directed us that it was ok for us to go the hospital as sometimes labors DO progress that quickly, even for first timers.

*Asked if it was ok with me that they had put in the IV (not that I cared anymore, but I thought I would). *Directed D on counterpressure “Don’t stop!”

*Empathized from first hand experience and told me and D that “It’s really just terrible right now”. Instead of trying to fix it. (I think that helped the most.) *Telling me to relax the top half of my body and just push the energy out my bottom. Also to keep holding on to the push as I took another breath. *Took pictures!

I can’t think of anything I wish (Jenny Claire) had done differently or better.”

Chris M. (father), son born February, 2007 “As first time parents we were so thankful to have JC present at our son’s birth.  Her calm presence & helpful suggestions served to be extremely valuable.  She definitely made the experience more relaxed…(and was) by A’s side the entire time.  Not only did she help us understand all our options but also was a great support before and after the birth.  We are genuinely grateful for her shared knowledge and wonderful friendship.” 


R.L., son born December, 2009 “Regarding the ‘Unshakeable Jenny Claire’: The memories are still fresh in my mind, particularly of the ceaseless support you offered me while I was laboring.  I was so grateful that you were attentive enough to hear every command I managed to bark out so that I didn’t have to repeat myself ever.  I recall you holding me up when I was temporarily driven to my knees and letting me squeeze your finger as tightly as I needed.  The photos you took of C as he was held up for us to see are treasures we’ll always cherish.  Your presence was a huge comfort to T as well.”

L.D., daughter born January, 2010 “Words cannot express how thankful we are for having chosen you as our doula!  A’s birth was an amazing experience that we’ll remember fondly for the rest of our lives.  Your presence had such a calming effect on M and I and we are so glad we were able to share the joy of her birth with you.  We would be honored to recommend you to future clients.”

Emily S., son born June, 2012  “Having Jenny Claire as our doula was one of the absolute best decisions we made in terms of planning our birth.  She has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and offered a great deal of educational and emotional support.  She is laid back, compassionate, easy to talk to, in addition to having the courage to tell it like it is and advocate for you when you need it most. During my pregnancy, I had some issues with an anxiety disorder, and she was there for me 100% – I felt like I could tell her anything – and she could direct me to the appropriate resources for getting the help I needed.  During our labor, she was our rock.  She continually reassured me that my body was doing exactly what it was meant to do, and that truly helped me let go and allow for the process of childbirth to take over, just as Mother Nature intended.  Both my husband and I are eternally grateful for her.  We had a beautiful birth, and I believe it was greatly due to having her along with us in our journey.  Any woman and mother (and father, for that matter) is truly blessed to have her by their side.”

Barry S., (Emily’s husband) “I was initially skeptical of the need for a doula at all, as I suspect many men are. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that having a doula is as much if not more a benefit for the partner as it is for the mother. I was anxious, afraid I wouldn’t know what to do or wouldn’t be able to offer the help my wife needed. After one meeting with Jenny Claire, I felt so much better…I would have help, and help I could trust. Jenny’s confidence before, during, and after the birth was incredibly reassuring, and as the labor continued I began to appreciate that more and more. If it weren’t for her, we would have either been laboring alone or with an understandably less calm family member. In short, a doula is a must, and Jenny Claire’s services are worth their weight in gold. There is no doubt in my mind that I want her there for the births of any children we have in the future!”

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