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Birth as you Live; Live as you Birth

I love the quote (and I’m still looking for its origins, help appreciated), “You birth the way you live.” It’s a powerful statement. Birth is a journey, a gate we pass through into an unknown place. So many of our life experiences and transitions are like births. Some of these gates we pass through feeling afraid, alone, ignorant, unready, judgmental. But we also have the option of passing through each gate feeling empowered, vibrant, supported, prepared, joyful, connected, and open.

The gift I want to offer to my students and clients is the opportunity to “Live the way you birth.” Birth can be a lesson if we know how to learn from it. What if pregnancy or childbirth classes could help you hone the skills to enter into other life situations and transitions feeling all the positive emotions listed above?

My hope is to help couples take hold of some of the following skills and more:

-Reading and understanding research and evidence

-Getting in touch with intuition

-Making healthy choices based on evidence AND intuition

-Communicating with family members and healthcare providers

-Tapping into inner strength and coping mechanisms

-Building confidence in self and body

-Connecting with community and support systems

-Knowing how to feel at peace in the face of stressful situations

With each new group of students, my goal is to tailor the content of the class to fit their individual needs and strengths. I would love to be part of your learning journey during this pregnancy. For more information on taking part in one of my class series, check out my website.

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