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Prepare for Birth the fun way!


During one of the “Prepared for Birth” classes I was teaching recently, one of the expectant mothers said, “This is fun!” while participating in an interactive learning activity. Those kinds of moments are the most exciting for me as a teacher because they tell me that what I’m trying to give my students is hitting home for them. We all learn better (meaning, actually retain and can use what we learn) when we’re having fun. My classes are designed to be FUN for that very reason!

Keep Smiling #49.
Keep Smiling #49. (Photo credit: dawe2k5)

When you think of childbirth classes, do you imagine sitting in a chair for hours and listening to a boring lecture? Do you wonder what the point is when you could just read a book to get the same information?
Not all childbirth classes are created equal. There are some that are just about one “expert” talking at a room full of pregnant people and their partners. Classes like that are the reason childbirth education gets a bad rap in some circles, unfortunately. Lucky for my students, I have learned some great tricks from some awesome educators and I have made it my goal to constantly research and create new ways to make the information I’m sharing really come to life for my students.
I believe the tools you gain in my classes can carry over to your life past labor and birth which is why I design them to be:
InterACTIVEstudents work together, learning from one another, moving around the room, using different learning styles, adding their own input and questions and needs to the discussion.

Dynamicno class series is exactly like the one before or the one to come. I tailor each series to the students and partners in the room. My focus is on meeting each expectant person where they are and helping them discover their own strengths for getting the birth they want (and for discovering what kind of birth that is). The class material shifts as the questions and concerns roll in and there is always plenty of “wiggle room” for adding further information as needed.

Creativewhether you learn by moving, drawing, listening, talking, speaking, growling, sculpting, dreaming, watching, or laughing, there are components of the class for you! We all learn better when we are engaged and interested, which is why I work hard to avoid boring classes!

Connectingthe activities in class will help you deepen connection with your partner, your baby, your intuition, your strengths, and your classmates. You will leave each class feeling empowered to make your best choices for your best birth and for your parenting journey.

Are you ready to laugh, squat, dance, roll, color, and grow your way into a joyous and loving birth experience? (Oh, and I didn’t even mention the chocolate or the play dough!)

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