Affirmations: Pregnancy and Birth are Normal and Safe

In all of my classes and workshops, we spend time learning about and exploring how to use positive affirmations for building confidence and self love and for reaching goals.  I have had sets of beautiful affirmation cards printed and laminated which can be purchased at a class or by contacting me.  I truly believe in the power of these little jewels for changing the landscape of our hearts and minds.  I would like to share a few of these here on the Dandelion Birth Blog for inspiration.  To see more, be sure to sign up to “follow” the blog.


The first one I’d like to share with you is the cornerstone upon which my “birth philosophy” is based (if I were forced to come up with one).  As Ina May Gaskin says, “Your body is not a lemon.”  It’s a powerful truth.  Is it one you believe?  Is it one you live in your own journey?  How does it feel to embrace this truth?


(For a clearer look, click on the picture.)


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