Affirmations: My Body is Strong and Beautiful


So much of the process of feeling prepared for birth is about having trust in and love for your body: how it has served you in practical and pleasurable ways, how it has conceived of and lovingly grows your baby, how it was perfectly designed to give birth.  There are so many ways to build body-trust and body-love.  Here’s a list of just a few of my favorites:

-get a massage (from your partner or from a professional massage therapist)

-take a bath

-go for a walk

-stare lovingly at your gorgeous, glowing self in the mirror

-work up a sweat exercising

-make love

-take a nap

-eat a nourishing meal with mindfulness

-rub your favorite scented lotion or oil all over your juicy self

-have a belly casting made

-get your belly decorated with henna

-visualize your ideal birth

What are some ways you practice love for your body? How did that self love “pay off” for you?  (Yes, YOU are beautiful!)


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