Pregnancy Connection Circle

I have been so excited to make this announcement! Dandelion Birth Services will be offering a new opportunity for pregnant women to feel empowered and centered starting in January of 2016. This isn’t a class, and it isn’t a workshop. For lack of a better name, I’m choosing to call it the Pregnancy Connection Group, because connection is what it’s truly about: connection with our spirits, bodies, and intuition; with our babies; and with one another. And, yes, I did say “our”, which brings me to the second part of my announcement! I am expecting my 5th baby in June of 2016! When I first settled into the news, I realized I felt a real need for a specific kind of connection, which is exactly why I designed this group opportunity.

I spent quite a bit of time meditating, dreaming, and writing about the question “What sort of gathering would I want to take part in?” The answer was a picture full of warmth, love, honestly, questioning, exploring, and pampering. As with each Dandelion offering, this one is truly holistic, based on the truth that we live in mind and body, heart and soul, and that we all need care and support from others.

Each week of the group will include time for:

*Physical self care (stretching, gentle exercise, massage, healthy snacks)

*Internal reflection (writing, mediation)

*Creativity (drawing, coloring, building labyrinths, sculpting)

*Connective group dialog and sharing

*Intentional connection with our babies

I think each of us feels a deep need for connection and it’s often hard to find the time, space, and safe feeling to fully engage in a meaningful way with ourselves and with those around us. My intention is to create a space for us to build community, to learn from and with one another, and to feel truly held and heard as we grow (both visibly and invisibly!) This can be a special time you set aside for yourself each week for the physical and spiritual pampering you crave and deserve. Each week of the group will be centered around a different theme to hone our focus.

Week 1: Going Inward, Birthing Outward

Week 2: Fears and Affirmations; Shadow and Light

Week 3: Vulnerability and Strength; What to surrender, what to cultivate

Week 4: Potluck (All members of the group will help contribute to the snacks and activities as driven by the previous 3 weeks work together.)

I will provide healthy snacks and beverages for each group as well as all supplies for activities and a few other treats. The cost for the 4 week session is $100. (As always, I don’t want anyone to feel they can’t take part if cost is the only barrier. Please contact me to discuss payment options, etc.) Register HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact me! I am so excited to share this journey with some special mothers. Blessings to all of you.

Added 2017, feedback from a participant in the 2016 Circle:

“It was a pure gift to be part of Jenny Claire’s pregnancy circle on my second pregnancy journey.  I was put at ease by her kind hospitality, grounded compassion, broad knowledge, and mystical wisdom. Jenny Claire personifies the many important dimensions of the demanding work of preparing for and giving birth: humility, strength, humor, reflection, careful attention, fortitude, and love.  Her skill in creating a nurturing space is multifaceted and met our diverse needs beautifully: we laughed, we cried, we shared deeply, we received and gave wholeheartedly, thanks to her effortless and authentic example… What a wonderful way to prepare for the hardest and most rewarding lifework, to find gifts within me alongside new friends and such a capable guide.” -M.O.