Crafting Ceremonies: Honoring our sacred moments



Separation or divorce.

Moving house.

Stillbirth or miscarriage.

There are so many important moments in our lives that hang heavy with emotions that may feel as if they have no outlet.  Can we find ways to mark these moments for ourselves and in community?

Our culture and/or specific religious tradition may have given us a guide for navigating some important life events: marriage, baptism, naming, burial, to name a few. But perhaps these traditional ceremonies don’t quite fill the spots in our hearts we’re longing to fill due to outdated or incomplete language, symbolism, or other factors. Is there a way to refresh these ceremonies for our own meaningful use?


(Image courtesy of Rebecca Frederick)

Often, in my work supporting families through the journeys of trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, parenting, and self care, I hear people speak of their desire for a way to honor or recognize important events.  They may feel confusion or frustration or grief at the many deep emotions they’re holding around their life transitions that are not formally “recognized” by those around them.  This can be a lonely and overwhelming feeling, not to have our own significant life events be honored for what they are.

After many times of suggesting to people that they find a way to mark these moments with rituals or ceremonies, I realized it was time to help them find the tools to do just that. Towards that end, my dear friend Mandy Olivam and I have designed a workshop to provide instruction and inspiration for crafting our own ceremonies in safe community. Mandy is a writer, retreat facilitator, and mother of two.

In our time together, we will explore our feelings and goals around our sacred moments; we will work in teams to create ceremonies with meaningful parts, and will share lunch and community together.

When: Saturday, March 25, 10am-2pm

Where: Directions to workshop location will be sent directly to registrants.

Cost: Suggested $20-$50 love donation.

For more information, please contact me directly. Or to register, click HERE.