Who is Dandelion Birth Services?



(Jenny Claire in red, surrounded by past Prepared for Birth graduates and doula clients with their babies.)

I am Jenny Claire Hoffmann, mother of 5 beautiful children, birth doula, La Leche League leader, and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Supporting mothers and babies is not just my job; it’s my calling and my passion.

The dandelion is a powerful symbol for me: I believe every act of love and kindness we commit is a seed planted for more love and kindness to grow. Birthing and child-raising are world-changing acts! My hope for all families is that they are able to birth and parent in empowered/empowering, peaceful, joy-filled ways and I want to do all I can to encourage and support them.

I feel honored, humbled, and awed by each family who has chosen to include me in their birth and breastfeeding stories in some way and I learn more from them than I can say. The power of birth and the strength and beauty of the people I am lucky enough to serve are a constant source of inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Dandelion Birth Services. I wish you many blessings on your path.


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