Class Reading and Resources

Welcome! This page contains links to supplemental reading assignments for students of the Prepared for Birth series.

Before Class 1, you may read the following to “prepare to prepare”! It’s up to you whether or not you choose to read all of this. Doing so will help you to be as fully informed as possible and make the class discussion come to life for you.  This is your series and you can get out of it as much as you want to put into it!

(While you’re here, poke around and get to know the Evidence Based Birth site. We will be doing a lot of reading on this site.)

After Class 1

Birth stories to empower and inspire:

Understanding the importance of staying upright and active during labor:

Information on choosing the best care provider and birth setting for your ideal birth:

(And how to decide if your current care provider is NOT a good fit):

After Class 2

This week, I’d like for you to go to the childbirth connection website ( and look at their information about Pitocin induction, Caesarean section birth, and epidurals. Each topic has multiple sections.

Also, here’s more information about the concept of PROM as we discussed:

We will be talking more about these and other interventions and how we make choices about them when we meet again next week.

After Class 3

Here’s the EBB article about due dates and inductions for going “past due”:

And, a few links to get you thinking forward to next week’s discussion:

Start thinking about pushing!

After Class 4

Here are a couple of links to read regarding our discussion about Third Stage this past week.

And, one to read for understanding what “normal” labor progress means.

Also, reminders to dress comfortably for our next class, and to bring the following :
-sweet treats
-focal point
-massage oil or lotion
-music and headphones
-pillows or cushions for your comfort on the floor
-birth plans, no matter how complete


After Class 5

Here is one of my favorites from Spinning Babies, the site I mentioned with lots of information about baby’s position, exercises to affect it, etc:

(I recommend this one for most folks in early labor.)

The other position series I showed you is here:

After Class 6

The magical “breast crawl”

Understanding the why’s and how’s of the “laid back” approach to nursing:

(Also, look for YouTube videos about laid back breastfeeding.)

Kentuckiana Babywearers on Facebook

Evidence Based Birth articles about eye ointment and Vitamin K

University lecture on the factors at play in making a decision about infant circumcision:

Evidence Based Birth article about RMIC:


Thank you for a wonderful series! Don’t forget to keep the group posted about your journey, and to join me for New Mamas Group every Monday at noon.

Follow this link for a list of professionals and additional resources for postpartum mental and physical health and community in the Louisville/ Southern Indiana area:!Al7EWN_v7mPPmUy_vheWafdIthzB

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