Healthy Pregnancy classes

Early Pregnancy Classes…preparing to enjoy the next 30+ weeks, doing all you can for the healthiest pregnancy, baby, and birth starting NOW!

This class is best suited to those who are less than 18 weeks pregnant (or preparing for conception). If you are further along, the information in my Prepared for Birth series is more suited to your needs.

Topics we’ll cover include:

Part one:

-Nutrition for the healthiest pregnant person, baby, and birth.  -Exercise and activity.  -Navigating emotional, physical, and sexual changes.  -Baby’s growth and development.  -Avoiding and overcoming common pregnancy discomforts and concerns.

Part two:

-Choosing a care provider and birth setting that are the best for your needs and desires.  -Communicating with your care provider.  -Prenatal tests and procedures and their risks and benefits.  -What’s a doula?  -Preparing for birth and beyond.  -Community resources.

And more!   Partners are strongly encouraged to attend.

See website for current details.

Don’t wait until that 12 week visit with your care provider to start learning valuable information that will bring you comfort and confidence!



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