Prepared for Birth Class Series

Information.  Intuition.  Preparation.

What event in life is more important than the birth of your baby?  You are doing so much to prepare to welcome this new little person into your life.  Attending childbirth classes is an important part of that preparation and one which will help fill your toolbox with priceless information, confidence, and skills for giving birth and parenting.


What topics will we cover in these classes?

The goal of this class is for you to enter into labor with confidence in yourself.  You already possess all you need to birth your baby with love.  I hope to help you find the skills and attributes already within you to have an empowered, joyous birth.

We will learn about so much in our time together! Topics include pregnancy health and nutrition; how your body and baby work together during birth; the risks and benefits of any procedures or treatments available to you; preparing for the emotional, physical, and practical changes of this amazing time; how to choose and communicate with your birth team; ways for partners to be involved and supportive during pregnancy and labor; pain coping options; postpartum reality and resources, and much much more! Your needs and questions will also drive the areas we cover: my aim is to give you the information and support YOU desire to feel most prepared and empowered for childbirth.

Are these classes only for those who are planning a natural birth?

No matter what kind of birth you may hope to have, being informed about what to expect, how your body works, your care options, and the safest and healthiest choices for you and your baby is essential. Knowledge is power!  Knowing your options so that you can make informed choices will contribute greatly to your birth satisfaction, no matter what route you choose.

When should I take this series?

The best time to start the series is when you are between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant so you’ll have time to attend all 6 classes before your baby arrives and the information you learn will still be fresh in your mind when your baby and body are ready for birth.

See website for current schedule and registration.

*Please register early for your desired dates; class space is limited and may fill quickly.

(Beautiful birth photos by Jana Glass of Looking Glass Photography.)

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